=^o.o^=  A store to benefit homeless furry friends  =^o.o^=
Until you've loved an animal and been loved in return,
there's a place in your heart that you've never known!

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Donna is devoted heart and soul to caring for homeless and unloved creatures.  She also takes joy in rescuing used furnishings that are no longer needed by their owners but still have plenty of character and use left in them.  So Donna decided to bring both passions together! 

Below are a few  friends she has loved and cared for.

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Bygone Chester
To the world you might just be one cat, but
to one person you might just be the world!
Bygones Porch

Friends and fellow animal lovers donate or let us purchase used items at a very reasonable cost, and your patronage benefits animals in need.  We take in furniture, paintings, prints, collectibles and curiosities, and our taste runs the gamut from antique to quaint to stylishly peculiar.

In our mind's eye, the Bygones Store is a step towards a world in which every animal has a home and family. In the here and now, the Bygones Store is really a wonderful porch for animals and people -- a porch that just happens to be attached to a very large closet full of furnishings that are "between homes."

After we sort things out, tighten and clean them up a bit, the are ready for their new owners can find them!

I'm afraid we aren't really set up for e-commerce, but if you spot something that interests you in our photos, give us a call or send an email -- we would love to hear from you!




Fixing Display Case
Joe reglazing antique display cases from Lynchburg Mercantile.

Abandoned Kitten
Rejoicing in Thy whole Creation....

Donna and Joe
                        Sallenger at the Stuff Market
Donna & Joe at the "stuff market"

More information about Joe and Donna:

The Bygones Store

Florence SC 29506
Phone: (843) 679-3079

Buffet in

Images J. W. Sallenger

A few of our feline friends: some living with us, some with new families, and some bygone but never forgotten....