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Art Nouveau/Art Deco
Bedroom Suite

Until you've loved an animal and been loved in return,
there's a place in your heart that you've never known!

Here's an uncommon find -- all four pieces of a circa-1940 bedroom suite are together and in quite good condition.

The highly ornate blend of art nouveau and art deco styles emerge in the designs carved into the wood and glass, in the bakelite and metal hardware, and in the contrasting wood grains.  Indeed, the bold juxtaposition of grains forms startling patterns which in some ways foreshadow the op art movement.

Most definitely not for the stodgy or faint of heart, you can "rest assured" that nobody else on your block goes to sleep surrounded by anything quite like these works of art!

Art Nouveau/Art Deco Bedroom

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Images © J. W. Sallenger